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Fake Steve Jobs vs. Real Steve Jobs

Alexey Shashkov
Alexey Shashkov
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Michael Seibel - Building Product
Michael Seibel - Building Product
A funny story by Michael Siebel about the Real and Fake Steve Jobs. My summary.
1. Many people think that Steve Jobs is a person they should emulate, but they have a false picture in their heads of what Steve Jobs was. They believe he dreamed perfect ideas out of his head and into the world. 
2. Often, people look at the iPhone as an ideal example of that, but they look at the iPhone today. Your iPhone today is magical, but the first iPhone sucked in almost every way.
3. They don’t realize that Steve Jobs WASN’T somebody who was NOT iterating, who just imagined you perfection minute one. Steve Jobs was iterating every step.
4. Do you remember the first iPhone? 
No 3G. When 3G was a standard feature, you had that excellent internet browser, but you can only use it on EDGE, which means it fucking sucks.
One carrier. Oh, you don’t have this carrier? – Sorry, switch carriers, figure that out.
Horrible battery life. The screen cracked all the time. No App Store; you can’t even download other apps.
5. If you are the person who is saying: “The product has to be this way because of what I said. Fuck the customers, fuck everyone else, fuck you, just make the product the way I want it to be!” – You’re being the fake Steve Jobs.
6. The Real Steve Jobs released a shitty MVP that was revolutionary but still pretty shitty. And every year iterated it until you have the thing in your pocket right now, which is pretty damn good.
7. The Real Steve Jobs iterates and talks to customers. Fake Steve Jobs just dreams and creates art. Don’t be the Fake Steve Jobs.
The original story in the video:
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Alexey Shashkov
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