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By Alexey Shashkov

Product Manager at Writing summaries on startups and products on

Product Manager at Writing summaries on startups and products on

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Surveys are bad at initial learning

When asked to do the tiniest thing to learn from customers, many product people’s first instinct is to conduct surveys or focus groups. While running surveys and focus groups may seem more efficient than interviewing customers, starting there is usually a bad…


Fake Steve Jobs vs. Real Steve Jobs

A funny story by Michael Siebel about the Real and Fake Steve Jobs. My summary.


The difference between Pivot and Iterate

What’s the difference between Pivot and Iterate?


Which customers should you go after first?

1. Many founders think their instinct should be to go after the hardest customers first. I know I've made something good! They think it's proof: if I can get this impossible person to use it, then it'll be easier. 2. It's an MVP, and you know you've made some…


Does your MVP actually solve the problem that you want to solve?

1. The number one problem with this question is that it hurts. The answer hurts. You're going to find that a lot in startups where the answer hurts you. A lot of the answers inside of startups are feeling that way.2. It's really helpful to build your MVP quic…


Garbage in -> garbage out.

Michael Seibel, CEO Y Combinator:1) There are many startup experts, or at least people who pretend to be startup experts. But unfortunately, almost everything that you're consuming you have to question whether it's high quality or not.2) If you consume TechCr…


Raise enough money before you find product-market fit

1. Some founders raise way too little capital in their pre-seed or seed round. They don’t give themselves enough time or enough runway to experiment. 2. You rarely see a product come out of the gate where, magically on day one, there’s this fantastic product-…


Summary of Fundraising Fundamentals by Geoff Ralston

1. Venture capitalists care about why the startup is going to matter in the future. They invest in startups because returns can be huge.